On Storify at https://storify.com/kroos/curationtools4edu, Karel Roos has collected several interesting and informative online videos about curating web content.

I really liked the presentation by Dr. Vanessa Dennan from Florida State University who communicated FACETS, an approach to online curating. She seemed like a credible source and somewhat innovative in her approach.

  • F – Find the content
  • A – Assess the content
  • C – Choose the content
  • E – Explain the content
  • T – Tailor a collection
  • S – Share a collection

Although it’s a little too detailed and hard to remember all of the steps outlined by Dennan, I do like the organization. I also like how she explained the similarities between curating a collection for a museum and the process of curating content found on the web.  I’ve been to some very famous museums in the world such as the Smithsonian, The Louvre, Musee D’Orsay, and countless more.  It’s something I enjoy doing and curating a collection is certainly a very important and prestigious job.


The beginning of the module stated, “This video lecture will help you learn . . . “. After the intensity of learning how to create measurable objectives, I was a little disappointed to see this statement. This made me wonder about how credible this educator really is. I wondered, “If she is professor and teaching, why doesn’t she know how to craft instruction.” That’s when I felt really good about the instruction I’ve had in this learning design and technology program.